This weekend I finished my first chapter of the book. As usual I didn’t start at the beginning but rather went with a chapter on Ismailia 1915. After the No 1 Australian Stationary Hospital arrived in Egypt in Jan 1915, half of the hospital was sent to Ismailia. Here was the scene of bitter fighting by the Turks who tried to cross the Suez Canal in early February. Suffice to say that casualties from these actions were brought into the hospital including a New Zealand soldier and a dozen sailors from a British ship that was hit by Turkish Artillery. There was even a delivery of a baby in there as well. Found some great material written by Charles Bean for a New Zealand newspaper…..of all the places.

Also involved in some great correspondence with the relatives of JS Verco and C Knuckey. Very interesting information being shared which is very much appreciated.

That’s it for now. This month hoping to work on some biographies for the Annex as well as start the chapter on the voyage of the unit from Australia to Egypt. Have a nice Christmas and that for reading.