No 1 Australian Stationery Hospital

1914 - 1916

Project Title: No 1 Australian Stationary Hospital
Desired Project Outcome: Unknown
Current Status: Research
Correct as at: 20 May 2020
Planned year of release: TBA

Amongst the fighting men of the First Australian Imperial Force (AIF) that left in late 1914 for Europe were some of Australia’s most dedicated and talented medical professionals. These men and women who held successful positions in the civilian workplace prior to the war, answered the call to arms and ventured off into a perceived world of excitement and adventure. Some of these men and women belonged to the No 1 Australian Stationary Hospital (1ASH). Their perceptions were quickly adjusted to the reality as they would see first-hand the sick and wounded men returning from the front. Horrendous and unspeakable wounds, debilitating illnesses and the ever present ghastly diseases would confront the staff of the No 1 Australian Stationary Hospital every day.

They would also get a further taste of war when the hospital deployed to Gallipoli in the second half of 1915. Forever treating casualty numbers greater than expected, the Doctors and staff, most of them sick throughout the campaign, worked long and arduous hours sometimes to the detriment of their own health to care for the Australian Soldier.

The project aims to tell the story of the doctors, nurses and soldiers of the No 1 Australian Stationary Hospital between 1914 to 1916. The author, who relatives was the first commanding officer, already had access to a number of war diaries, documents and unpublished photos. This is a personal project that still requires further information from relatives in order to take it to the next stage.

Members of 1ASH

Allen Lloyd Fairfax
Anderson Frederick Henry
Arthur Edward Roy
Ballantyne James Ferguson
Bates Ernest (Frederick)
Bath Sidney Lawson
Bell Francis
Bethune Ray Neil
Biggs Claudius
Birch Arthur Henry
Brittain Fred Raymond
Blackham Henry Hamilton
Blight John Dunstone
Boyle Clifford Stevenson
Brown Sidney Gilbert
Browne Ernest Vincent
Bryant Henry William
Buttery Thomas Henry
Byleveld Robert Edgar
Campbell Frederick Gordon
Cardwell Edward Thomas Bailes
Carleton Herbert Gillaird
Carr Howard Bevan
Chamberlain Percy
Chappell John
Charlton Norman Neal
Chennell Gordon James
Cilento Ernest Raphael
Clark Frank Donaldson
Collins George Oswald
Coates George Leopold Albert
Colliston David Harold
Corbin John
Cowen Stewart Osburn
Crocker Ernest Roy
Cronin Thomas Edmond
Crowhurst Vincent Parnall
Daly Patrick
Davenport Richard William
Davis Albert John Stephen
Dewar Garnett Wolseley
Dickson Darcy Elliot
Dobson Claude Edwin
Duckett Edward Lonsdale
Dunn Alfred Lewis
Fielder Richard Claude
Ford Alfred Lancelot
Forrester Arthur Gibert
Foster Alfred Graham
Frisby Harry Clemence
Frost Herbert George
Fry Clarence George
Fuller Charles Alan
Gardener Henry Rice
Gavin George Cormack
Gilmore Angus Graham
Green Fred
Hansen Claude William
Hansen Joseph Nicholls
Harris John Broas
Hatchard Thomas Arthur
Hayward George Leslie
Heaven Richard Cecil
Hill John Whitcombe
Hogg William Charlton
Holland Rubert
Hone Harry Richard
Hone Oscar Francis Phillip
Hopkinson Sydney
Horton Leslie William
Humble Thomas Alfred
Impett Leslie Stephen
Jennings Arthur Ernest
Keen Frederick Walter
Kemp Henry James
Killen John Henry
Kirk Archibald George
Klein Roy Basil
Knuckey Charles Kingscote
Langstaff Edward
Leach Maurice Roy
Le   Messurier Frederick Neill
Lindon Leonard Charles Edward
Line George
Lord John
Lowe Ernest Gordon
Lowrie Robert Alexander
Luck Sidney Ivor
MacDonald Henry Edward
Maddick Robert Churston
Marques Charles
Marques Charles Albert
Marshall Harold Seymour
McCall Henry Herbert
McDonald Angus
Mead Robert Middleney
Merten William Percival
Miles James
Miller John
Morris Benjamin Franklin
Munro Alexander
Newland Henry Simpson
North David Williams
O’Malley Cyril
Park Horace Cansfield
Parry Charles William Bremmor
Phelps James Cameron
Porter William Arthur
Potts John
Powell Henry Arthur
Prode Edwin James
Pridmore Henry
Ramsey Alfred Mercer
Raphael Harold Roy
Read Frederick James
Reed John
Reed Norman Hamilton
Reed Percival
Reeves Charles John
Robertson Harold Ross
Robinson Arthur
Robson Alan James
Rowe Cecil Escott Palmer
Rubeo Alfred
Rubeo Gaetano
Rubeo Richard
Schneider Ferdinand James William
Schneider Raymond Joseph Victor
Sellars Vernon Clarence
Sims Henry
Smith George Thomas
Smith Leslie Melrose
Smith William Arthur
Smith William Benjamin
Spargo Frederick William
Sparkes Horace William Colston
Spooner Walter James Twist
Steele Robert Lindsay
Stirling John
Stoffell William Rouse
Stolz George Alexander
Strempel Arthur Charles
Stubbs Walter
Thomas Henry Clarence
Thompson Frederick Herbert
Thorndike John Thomas Jacklin
Tiggerman Fred Lewis
Tonkin Alfred Alan John
Tuck Eric Roach
Tyner James Michael
Underwood William Matthew
Unstead William
Verco Joseph Stanley
Viner Raymond Hope
Ward Fred Jas Alexander
Washington Frank
Watson Archibald
Wheeler Richard Packer
Wicks James
Wilkinson Arthur George Bernard
Williams Gurlym Morgan
Williamson Joseph Alex
Wilson Percy
Wilson Thomas George
Witton Albert Edward
Wright Edwin

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