German Kampfschwimmers at Nijmegen

September 1944

Project Title: German Kampfschwimmers at Nijmegen – September 1944
Desired Project Outcome: Small Booklet (Soft cover)
Current Status: Research Research-Icon-25
Correct as at: 20 May 2020
Planned year of release: 2020-2021

On the evening of the 28th September 1944, German Frogmen (Kampfschwimmer) floated down the Waal River towards the road and rail bridges at Nijmegen with the intent of blowing them up. The operation was partially successful but the operation highlighted to the Allies the vulnerability of their key bridges in Nijmegen at this stage of the war.

This booklet aims to outline the events of that night including the German personnel involved in the operation. It will also provide the reader with a background to German Frogmen in WWII, their training and the equipment used during the operation. Corresponding accounts from the Allied side will be utilised to provide a holistic sequence of events to this daring operation during WWII.

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