The military history research has taken a back seat this year due to going back to university. However this has not stopped the information coming through and made some great little discoveries over the last month or two.

First I have been able to get my hands on a few veteran’s magazines and one in particular was an article about Stug Bde 280. Some good generic information that covers the history of the brigade from creation through to capitulation. However amongst the generic information are some nice treasures like a complete list of officers within Stug Bde 280 in February 1945. It is a shame that the article was only 4 pages however it all helps.

hans-hubertI have also been able to obtain a scan of a soldier’s wehrpass. It is great to use these documents to validate dates through some of the signatures of officers. Each of these things are jigsaw puzzle pieces that slowly I put together over time.

Lastly I want to share an image of Obergefreiter Hans Hubert who was a member of the 2nd Battery. The image came with another grouping but was able to positively identify it through a forum. I hope to find more information about this member of Stug Bde 280.