Had a very successful trip to Adelaide during the Australia Day long weekend. With only two days, I had a very tight schedule but managed to fit a lot in. I was able to visit the State Library of South Australia which houses a number of collections I looked through. Some of these collections contained information about No 1 ASH and others did not. However through some of the documents, I was able to identify a few more members and take some notes that will allow me to do further research when I come to Adelaide in the near future. I also did a quick visit to Keswick Barracks to see where the hospital was raised in 1914.

During the weekend I was also able to catch up with 5 different relatives of soldiers that served with the hospital. Some of the information and photos they have were incredible and I wish I had more time to share some of the stories they told. I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon with a grandson of a doctor at the cricket and we talked for hours about the hospital and prominent medical me of South Australia during that time.

The drive to Melbourne at the end of the trip was also surprisingly successful. I stopped in a small country town to have a break and wandered over to a small antique store. Inside a found an old dusty book on a shelf that contained over a 100 stories written by men that went to Gallipoli. In the book were three stories written by members of the No 1 Australian Stationary Hospital.

Overall a great weekend and a very successful trip.