Next year Australia will start to commemorate 100 years of Anzac. Centennial celebrations will occur both domestically and internationally from 2014 through to 2018. The pinnacle will no doubt be the 100th Anniversary of the landings at Gallipoli in April 2015. I think this period will be a wonderful time to produce the book. If it was to align with the 100th Anniversary of the landings at Gallipoli then this only leaves me 18 months to finish researching and write the book. Balancing family, work, social commitments etc will make it difficult to achieve however my two previous books were written in the same sort of time frame. So commencing November 2013, I have decide to pick up the pace and start dedicating a bit more time to my research.

I implore all readers who may have a relative of the 1st Australian Stationary Hospital who hasn’t contacted me already to please do so. I really would like to have a photo of every member of the hospital if possible including their own personal stories and experiences. I will be reaching out as well to the community of Adelaide to try and contact relatives that may still be living where the unit was raised some 99 years ago.

Lastly you should start to see more blog posts which have been few and far between to date.